About Iain Dawson Gallery

Operating since July 2008, Iain Dawson Gallery focuses on presenting the best emerging Australian artists. A boutique, micro gallery, IDG sources exciting, high calibre painters, sculptors, photographers and printmakers from across the country, showcasing only those demonstrating the highest potential for long term success and integrity.

Iain Dawson trained in fine art, majoring in photomedia at the Australian National University, Canberra. After working for some of the most high profile and successful commercial galleries in Sydney, Iain went on to complete his masters degree in Museum Studies at the University of Sydney, after which he became director of three major national art fairs which attracted collectively over 50,000 visitors.

With impeccable contacts throughout the Australian art world and internationally, Iain provides the bridge between the discerning collector (both established and novice), and artists and their works.

Extensive consultancy experience within both private and corporate spheres gives Iain an unparalleled breadth of knowledge of contemporary style and a unique sense of the timeless.

A proven track record of spotting young artists on the ascent makes Iain Dawson Gallery the obvious choice when looking to expand or begin your collection of contemporary Australian art.In April 2012, the gallery migrated from a bricks and mortar space on Oxford Street to a pop up model, including a regular schedule of pop up exhibitions in Sydney's Paddington and participation in domestic and international art fairs and projects. 

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